Saturday, October 27, 2012

Evil Hangman


Hello, this time I'll talk about programming. Those who studies math here had a full year of object-oriented programming with C++. I liked it a lot and took a module "Data structures" where we program in JAVA. Now I can choose on an assignment from various sources and I'm thinking of doing Evil Hangman.

Evil Hangman

Evil Hangman is an assignment in which students write a computer program that cheats at the classic game Hangman. Normally, when writing a computer to play Hangman, the computer picks a single word and accurately represents it as the human player tries to guess all of the letters in the word. In Evil Hangman, the computer instead maintains a list of every word in the English language, then continuously pares down the word list to try to dodge the player's guesses as much as possible. Human players tend to fare terribly against this conniving silicon foe!

I've already made a little program that fetched up all Lithuanian words from a website and I believe that if I do it right, this can be unbeatable. Especially since there are some Lithuanian words that are really tough to guess.


Since I'm not that much experienced at programming I'll appreciate all tips that might aid me at this assignment. Maybe someone has done this. Feedback in the comments would be great.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some poker math

So I've tried playing and studying some Pot limit Omaha poker, I've quite enjoyed this format and that encouraged me to dwelve more into it. So I made some calculations on some specific hands and the results surprised me. In my given scenario KQ89 prefers to call the flop and JJ34 prefers to get it in on the flop even if he's got 45% chance to win if he does.

Here are the calculations: 
I've rounded up some values but everything else should be quite accurate.

Player 1 has a 20 out wrap and Player 2 has a bare top set. The pot on flop is 10bb
After the flop, effective remaining stack is 40bb.
I analyzed 3 situations:1st situation: Players get it all in on flop
When Player 1 calls a pot bet on flop it breaks down into two more situations
I analyzed a few outcomes on turn:
-a) Board pairs up and player 1 is drawing dead therefore he folds.
-b) Turn bricks and Player 2 bets pot, both players are flipping.
-c) Player 1 hits and is the favorite to win, so he bets pot and Player 2 folds.
-d) Player 1 hits and is the favorite to win, so he bets pot and Player 2 calls.
so there's 2 more situations , 2nd situation = a+b+c and 3rd situation = a+b+d
Ofc there's more possible situations but those rely a lot on the players behavior so I just analyzed these.

Assuming both players are very straightforward no money gets in on the river since one player has 100% equity and will take down the pot.

EV -> the EV of the 1st situation.
EV1 -> the EV of the 2nd situation.
EV2 -> the EV of the 3rd situation.

The second example also includes a flush, So I added another situation if Player 2 folds only if the turn brings a flush.(EV3)

Of course this poker hand is only theoretical, opponents' tendencies is very important and you can never know his exact range. Using bigger stacks would change the results and it might be that against some opponents it would be better to get it in on the flop(e.g. against the very aggressive ones against which you won't know what hand you're against)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

After a break

Hello everyone,

So I've just stopped blogging long time ago, I remember that exams got up to me and I just didn't have much time or interesting stuff to write about. I've had a fun summer, relaxed quite a bit and the second year of studying began.

Studies.That's one major thing in my life at the moment and I'm doing better I guess. I still can't make myself productive enough, that's what bothers me the most I guess. But on the bright side, studies don't seem to be that hard this term. My goal is to rock the grades out of it and get a scholarship, it's quite hard but I know I've got the potential to do so I just need to stop being a lazy ass.

So studies, they've gotten far more interesting and perhaps will deserve more space in this blog.

That's it for now, wait for a post on an interesting subject soon :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update on life I

Quick update

Hello guys, I haven‘t posted in quite a while because I’ve been a little bit busy with life. My studies are going so so… I’ve got the potential to get amazing results it’s just that I’m quite lazy. I procrastinate a lot and only get my shit together when there’s not enough time left. I end up getting mediocre results from tests and such and become disappointed. Other than that I’m really happy.

 I’ve turned 20 couple of days ago and I’ve gotten my first car, it’s Opel Astra I 1.7D. It’s quite old but It’s gonna be ok for start. I’m in a happy relationship and currently quite satisfied with myself. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but I’ve been playing online poker for 3 years now and currently I’ve switched to ZOOM cash games at Poker Stars, grinding the micros and learning the general ABC poker. All this work and no play does not make me a dull boy. It’s really satisfying achieving something great, be it in poker, studies or even if this blog get a bigger count of views. 

I’m writing from my university since it’s a break and I don’t feel like studying at all. I’ll write more about my studies next time. Even though it’s hard I have no regrets of choosing math. 
Until next time..

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mathematical methods of data analysis

Specialties continued

As I mentioned before (Specialties) I'm studying math and I will need to choose a specialty. I will get all the regulated math units regardless of my choice, the difference is only in the additional units.

 Mathematical methods of data analysis

 I've got almost no clue about this specialty. I'm quite new to this and I  haven't got any experience with stuff like this. So I'll just write about the stuff I read on my uni's website. So it contains such units:
  1. Discrete transformations  - Absorb the knowledge of  mathematical description of the one-dimensional and multidimensional discrete transformations (Fourier, Vols, cosine, wavelet,etc.) as well as their fast computing technologies, learn to apply discrete transformations in digital and signal analysis at spectral area.
  2. Cryptology -Learn about cryptology and its mathematical foundations. Absorb basic mathematical techniques used in cryptographic systems used in cryptographic systems, which are the components of the IT society and used in e-government and e-service facilities.
  3. Mathematical methods for digital image processing - Learn about mathematical modeling of real-world images also creating their computer analogs, how to use mathematical discrete transformations, means of regular expressions and fractal techniques in solving one-dimensional and multidimensional efficient coding of digital images, analysis and synthesis problems.
  4. Risk and uncertainty analysis - Learn to analyze the risks and uncertainties through probabilistic methods.
  5. Database management systems - Gain knowledge about the existing database management systems (DBMS), DBMS structure and its basic functions.Learn to create databases based on Visual FoxPro DBMS and develop effective use of their information retrieval and manipulation tools.
  6. Combinatorial optimization - Be introduced to the most important combinatorial optimization problems, get the knowledge about the basic methods and algorithms for solving such problems and learn to programmatically implement and experimentally investigate specific algorithms for practical optimization problem solving.
  7. Software agents for knowledge engineering  - Learn about understanding knowledge, its imaging techniques and decision-making systems in a distributed information sphere.  Learn to use alternative solutions sampling strategies and methods of argumentation. Absorb the design principles of Expert Systems, learn to work with ES shells: Jess (with Java), Instant Tea(Online). Familiarize yourself with the software module design  technology and develop the skills to apply them in practice.

That's about it. Again feedback is greatly appreciated from people in the related fields. I'd love to hear more about this stuff.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mathematical modelling of business systems

Specialties continued

As I mentioned before (Specialties) I'm studying math and I will need to choose a specialty. I will get all the regulated math units regardless of my choice, the difference is only in the additional units.

Mathematical modelling of business systems

Today I'll talk about a specialty that would help me get into the business field later in life. It has such additional units:
  1. Investment mathematics: After completing this course, the student should be able to solve problems using the methods of calculating interest,create stock evaluation models and portfolio optimization algorithms, choose the appropriate mathematical models and apply them to real problems, interpret the mathematical model study results.
  2. Game theory: Teaches the student to solve optimization problems in conflict situations, operate in game theory concepts and symbols. Also to master the challenges of a two-person game with pure and mixed strategies, to deal with m x n gambling by using the iterative method, create and solve linear programming problems graphically or by the simplex method.Student should be able to create dual tasks and apply it in gambling, solve problems with the raised gain function. Introduces to heads-up challenges.
  3. Risk theory in business systems:  The main objective is to learn the basic concepts of risk theory and methods, get the basics of business risk modeling.
  4. Applications of Graph Theory: Learn to apply Graph Theory in solving practical problems.
  5. Life insurance mathematics:  Learn to calculate the current and future value of financial flows using the mathematical models of compound interest. Calculate the probabilities of future life expectancy based on analytical principles, life tables and commutation functions. Learn to create the basic equivalency equations for insurance schemes, calculate premiums and reserves by assessing the costs.
  6. The mathematical theory of property insurance: Teaches the student how to use basic statistical methods in calculating property insurance premiums by assessing the risk and using the Bonus-Malus system, as well as reinsurance premiums and reserve funds.
  7. Service system models: Learn to apply the theory of service systems in solving practical problems and their qualitative research.
  8. Financial performance analysis:  Acquire the knowledge of applying financial analysis methods and learn to do a company's financial analysis. Specific objectives: learn to use the basic analysis techniques and methods, know and absorb the management solutions and financial results of peer relationships, evaluate a company's financial status.
  9. Risk management: Teaches the student how to calculate the stochastic current and future probabilistic values of financial flows using stochastic interest models, basic risk- sharing and reinsurance schemes as well as methods of calculating their probabilistic characteristics.
  10. Business process and system modeling: Acquire knowledge of business processes and formal system modeling techniques. Learn to create business processes and systems stimulation models using the aggregate methods andsimulation modeling system ARENA. Learn to create business process and system models when the systems are described in Markov processes.

That pretty much sums it up. If you can relate to this field of work, I'd appreciate your feedback on what I could expect in the future after taking on such a specialty.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Business systems, Data analysis?

Math... again

I haven't posted in a while because I was quite busy this week. Still this won't stop me from blogging. Last time I talked about my studies and how I'll need to choose in which path I want to go. Recently I had a lecture in which the Dean explained what we should expect if we chose one thing or another. So basically we can chose whether we'd like to get a double bachelor degree or not.

Double Bachelor

If we go for the double bachelor we will then have to attend the regulated modules of Mathematics which would amount to half of our studies and the other half would consist of the other subject. For example if I decide to go for Math+Economics. I'd still go to math classes with others from my faculty and the rest of classes I'd attend with those studying economics. If I really wanted economics I would have chosen to study that. The only bonus is that I might be better than other economists because of my analytical approach to it. Anyway I've almost completely decided to refuse a double bachelor.


If I opt to go for the main studies in mathematics, I could chose between two specialties or none. One would be "Mathematical modeling of business systems" and the other "Mathematical methods of data analysis". With the first one I'd get modules such as "Insurance", "Investment Mathematics", "Gambling theory" and "Risk theory of business systems". The second one would provide "Discrete transformations", "Cryptology", "Mathematical methods for digital image processing". I could also chose between both and get no specialty, if I wanted to go for more pure, theoretical math knowledge but I'm leaning more towards modeling of business systems.

Edit: I've updated the post with links to more specific descriptions of each specialty. Double bachelor is out of the question now.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Indecision to future studies

Economics? Informatics? Math?

As I've mentioned previously I'm in my first course studying Mathematics. I'll be able to choose if I'd like to get double bachelor studies, math + economics or math + informatics. My studies would then be based around these two things and I'd get a good knowledge on both. If I choose to carry on with pure math, I could later on choose some additional classes from various math,economics,IT subjects.

I'm more leaning towards pure math since I'd like to be more flexible with choosing classes, where getting a double bachelor would leave me with little freedom. On the other hand, if I get a diploma with a double bachelor my career opportunities might be better in the business area and that's good since I'm not that fond of the idea to bind myself with areas of science.

Who needs Mathematicians?

Some of you might have little clue of the possible work areas for good mathematicians.The career opportunities for them involves in being systems analysts, modeling and data analysis experts, market researchers, programming analysts, actuaries (insurance mathematicians) in  banks, insurance companies, universities, manufacturing, logistics, trading and other businesses.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lithuanian cuisine - Kugelis

Kugelis also more formally named "Bulviu plokstainis" literally translates to flat potato dish. It's quite popular in my country since potatoes dominate our national dishes and this one is almost purely made out of it:)

It's not particularly healthy and it goes well with sour cream as topping. If you're more a meat-lover like me you won't refuse a topping of pork or bacon cracklings with fried onions (just like on the Cepelinai) . Sometimes this dish is baked with some kind of meat in it already, I'm not a huge fan of it but people seem to enjoy it. It's not that hard to prepare but the baking takes some time. Definitely less time and effort consuming than Cepelinai.

Basically what you need to is grate some potatoes and one onion, add some spices and perhaps some milk. Then put it in the oven. There's lots of recipes that differs from each other a little.

Again you can find some great recipes online, it's definitely worth a try:) You can also try this link for a fast one.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bad habits

Our lives are entirely habitual. Everyday we do the same things that we did our entire life. Some of these habits are bad and might have an unwanted influence in the quality of your life. On the other hand you can develop good habits that benefit you (like doing exercises once you wake up or drinking plenty of water when you sit near a computer). Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form.

I myself have plenty of bad habits that I'd like to get rid of (nail biting, throat clearing,swearing,procrastinating, etc.). But I can tell that I've also formed some good ones during my adolescence.

So are there any techniques that help you break bad habits and form good ones? Well let me list a few that I found helpful:

1. Get rid of one habit at a time. Trying to rid of all at the same time is unproductive and reckless. Multitasking will show no good outcome in this area.
2. Replace them. Every time you feel doing something irritating out of habit, do something else to keep you occupied. Start using light profanity instead of those horrible curse words. The best thing is to replace your bad habits with good ones.
3. Make a public commitment. Tell your friends or your relatives that you will start/stop doing that, not wanting to look like a failure will keep you motivated to stick to it. Commit something precious to you, for example make a deal and give your friend fifty bucks and if you don't follow your terms he will get to keep it. Also if you find a buddy who wants to do the same thing, make a bet that whoever snaps the first must pay the other one some money, competing like that will give great boost of motivation.

I remember once before class I've made a deal with a friend that whoever swears gives the other one half a dollar. He snapped in like two minutes, but then later on we've remained quiet for quite some time. It was hard to concentrate trying not to slip a curse out. There's a popular method to set up a jar in the home, where one must put some money if he's caught swearing. You should try it out!

I can't think of anything else right now but I would like to hear some of your thoughts.
How do you guys deal with habits? Leave some tips in the comments.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Day for Kids

Women's Day!

Today on my way to the university I saw a mother with two children, apparently she told them that today was Women's day. And I heard them talk a little.
"Mommy, when is the day for kids?", one child asked her.
"1st of June", she  promptly replied. 
"Yay! The day for kids is on 1st of June!", the child cheered loudly and happily.

Seeing that brought a smile to my face, which I carried on for the rest of the day:) So men don't forget to get some flowers to the women you love I know I did. Cherish them because without women the life would lose all its charm. 

Happy Women's Day!

And let's start waiting for the Children's Day :) 

Sunday, March 4, 2012


At least one third of every man's life is spent sleeping but not much people think about it and how it affects the quality of the day. If a person doesn't get enough good quality sleep he will end up feeling tired therefore his performance in his daily activities will not be as good as it could be. Sleep is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle.

There is still not much information about the purpose of our sleep. Our body is still fairly active during it but it's known that sleep is very important for our mind. In our sleep the mind organizes the gathered information, stores important stuff into our memory and  rests our body.

In order to know how sleep impacts our lives and what to do to make the best of it, first we need to know more about it.

There's 4 stages of sleep: 3 stages in NREM (non-rapid eye movement sleep) and a REM stage (rapid eye movement sleep).

NREM that consists of three stages (N1,N2,N3) has relatively little dreaming.

N1 is the stage in which a person transits from a state of awake into sleep. The person looses the most conscious awareness of the external environment.Usually a person will not be aware that he slept if he was awaken from this stage.
N2 is the stage in which conscious awareness of the external environment completely disappears, this stage occupies the most time of the total sleep. A person will be very much aware that he was sleeping if he was awakened from this stage.
N3 is the stage which is also called the deep sleep. This is the stage where sleep-walking,sleep talking and other parasomnias occur.

The REM stage is often said that is the most important stage of sleep. It occupies around 20% of a person's total sleep. In this stage most vivid and memorable dreams occur. If you wake up at night, it's most likely after this stage.

The REM stage is marked green.
A typical adult need around 7-8 hours of sleep per day. Less than that might have a bad effect on your everyday life. That is when a person sleeps once a day. Some people practice the so called polyphasic sleep where they sleep more than once a day but in shorter amounts. When people are prevented from experiencing REM, they take less time than usual to attain the REM state. By preventing your body to get enough its desired sleep, it adapts and falls into the REM stage more quickly. By doing that, such people spend less time sleeping in total and have more free-time to do their favorite activities. But it requires great effort and determination which I personally lack.

Generally if you want to have a higher quality sleep you should drink some water and avoid heavy foods before going to sleep. Also you shouldn't use alarms, because you will feel much better and more rested if you wake up by yourself after a REM stage than you'd if your sleep was interrupted even if you slept longer. If you keep your sleeping routine consistent and tend to go to sleep and get up at exact times everyday, you'll find that your body will get used to it and in general will feel much more rested and will have no problems waking up.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The fate of the universe

After watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos I've came up to a lot of new stuff to think about. I've always been a thinking person, I had no problem being alone and do nothing because I've always had something to ponder about.

Sagan said that if there's enough matter for the gravitational forces to stop the expansion of the universe and start the contraction (Big Crunch) until it reaches a critical point at which big bang occurs and it starts expanding again then the universe might be oscillating and undergo an infinite amounts of cycles in which the universe expands and contracts. But such theory in not reconciled with the second law of thermodynamics and caused cosmologists to abandon the oscillating universe model.

However new understanding in dark matter suggest that its interactions with mass and gravity demonstrate a possibility where an oscillating universe could be possible. I somehow would prefer this idea of a cyclic universe to an open universe where the acceleration of expansion becomes so strong that it overwhelms the effects of gravitational, electromagnetic and strong forces.

If the universe was cyclic and once started to contract in exactly the same way it expanded, it might be that causality will be inverted and effects will precede causes. Which might not be easily understandable to us where the time might seem to be going backwards. Also a question arises if every universe and the laws of nature are randomly determined or are always the same and perhaps the same cycle is repeated infinitely.

I'd like to believe that same guy like me will live in another cycle of the universe but I know that most likely the universe is open and in many many years there will be nothing but particles left in the universe. But we never know.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meteor showers - Perseids

 Perseids aroused my interest in Astronomy

I became interested in astronomy a few years ago. I was reading up some articles about technologies and I found out that there's gonna be meteor showers on 13th of August called the Perseids.  I had no idea things like that were happening at that time. I became fascinated by it so I decided to look more into it.

The Perseids are called that way because the point from which the meteors seem to be coming from lies in the constellations Perseus. The earth travels through a cloud of dust which consists of particles ejected by a comet called Swift-Tuttle.

I remember the first time I heard about it I set up to spectate that glorious event. I was still young and was living in a city apartment. I wanted to get somewhere out of city to spend the night observing them but I had no one to go with. I still didn't want to miss it so at around 1 am I went into my balcony with my blanket and lay down on cold concrete. I only saw a small part of the sky and there weren't too many stars there because of the light pollution but I remember seeing the constellations Pegasus and Cassiopeia. It took quite some waiting and  I was about to give up but then I saw one. It was really exciting for me that time. I saw a few more and it was too cold so I went to bed.

Two years ago I was in a village shack that is owned by my father. It's far away from the city and the night sky is the best seen from there as far as I know. The meteor showers were magnificent, I saw dozens of them falling. I can still remember the day very well. After that day, the night sky became something much more for me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lithuanian cuisine - Cepelinai

Time for some cooking. I occasionally like to experiment with food and I enjoy my country's national dishes. So I'll introduce you to some of it.

Cepelinai is a national dish. It's named so because it resembles the airship 'Zeppelin'. They are a type of dumplings made from grated potatoes and usually has ground meat (pork) inside, sometimes the meat is replaced by cottage cheese. It's served with sour cream and pork or bacon cracklings (spirgai).

Here's how you can make some yourself. It's quite a long process but if you have several people working on it it's really fun. Last time I was making there was 10 of us and we made them really quick, only the cooking took some time.

First you have to peel the potatoes and boil some then grate the rest.Later you will need to rice the boiled potatoes and squeeze the grated ones in a piece of cloth so it ends up dry. Save the fluid from the potatoes since at the bottom the starch will set. Then you should mix the potatoes take some into your hand and make a flat patty. Add some meat in the middle and start forming a football shape. Use the starch to coat them and add them to boiling water till done. 1 - 1.5 hours.

You can find some great recipes online or there's also some good illustrations here.

Good luck.

Many more posts to come!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Movies - Se7en

Since I'd been watching movies for quite some time I decided to share my opinion of some of my personal favorites with you. And this time it's Se7en.

If someone had asked what is my personal favorite, Se7en would definitely be one of the first ones to cross my mind. It's about two detectives who hunt a serial killer who kills by the Dante's seven deadly sins. The movie is slow paced and takes its time to develop the characters brilliantly unlike other movies from the same genre. The two main characters played by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt are presented as an unlikely police-couple that are different in many ways from each other but in a way that is also what makes them such a great couple. Brad Pitt successfully proves to us that he's not just a pretty face on screen, and that he plays his character so well, that you can tell he's a really good actor. Kevin Spacey truly plays a bone chilling character, almost just as legendary and chilling as Hannibal Lecter. He may be in it for 20 minutes, but his roles is extremely memorable.

It was dark, gripping, fascinating, and not only that but it makes you question your own morality. If you haven't seen it, you should definitely go watch it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

TV shows

Today I'll talk about TV shows.  They're fun and highly addictive. Over the last years I've became very careful in choosing what to watch and don't like trying out new things because I'm afraid I'd get hooked on it and end up watching all 5 seasons in a week, the addictiveness is scary.. For example suppose you start watching a new show of which each episode is 40 minutes long, there's 6 seasons with 20 episodes per season. That sums up to 80 hours which is half month of work. So technically one show could cost half a month's pay. Still watching an episode a week is pretty harmless and a decent way to relax. At the moment I'm watching Dexter and impatiently waiting for the next season of Futurama. So more about these..

This animated science fiction show by the creators of 'Simpsons' has surpassed all other cartoons by its wonderful type of humor. The plot takes place in the future, the year 3000 and that gives the creators vast freedom to be creative. The story follows one young adult Philip J. Fry who got frozen in year 2000 for a thousand years and then gets a job at delivering company where his co-workers are all the main characters of the series. The viewer can relate to Fry because he's new to the future and often confused by it.


The plot of these series is unique and really interesting. It follows a serial-killer named Dexter who has no emotions and has the urge to kill people. His foster father knew about that and took care of him, he taught him that there are people that don't deserve to live so if Dexter had to kill it should only be other murderers. Dexter is smart and learned how to fake emotions and perfectly blend in the society. He works at the Miami police as the blood spatter analyst.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gaming, my life story.

Since my childhood I've enjoyed video games. I had a sega mega 2 and I remember how I could just play it all day long but my parents weren't so supportive, they tried to limit my gaming addiction but it was just too strong.

After a while I got a PC and oldest game that I best remember is Gothic. My bro said it's a fun game where you have to kill dinosaurs. Actually it was a really good RPG but at start there were some dinosaur-like creatures. So since me and my brother were not that much familiar with all sorts of games, we called it dinosaur hunting. So I played gothic 1 & 2, without ending neither of those (didn't want to use any cheats) and then I discovered the internet.

I've started going to the interenet cafe very often, spending all my money on it. At around 12 I found runescape 2 and just went with it. After some time we've installed internet at our home and the no-lifing began. Spending nights at the pc, doing quests and stuff, it all seemed so fulfilling. My mom used to go crazy, taking away pc cables and hiding it but often I would find it and nothing could stop me.

Then I discovered Lineage 2, it was quite popular in our country. It required long amount of time to level up but hey I didn't care. I've played it for 3-4 years, no-lifer is what my friends used to call me. Well later I've discovered alcohol and I had less time for games, it was quite fun drinking with friends just for the sake of getting drunk. But I would still play mmorpgs.

World of Warcraft seemed boring to me and I was loyal to L2, but a little later I tried WoW again and ofc i got hooked up again. Played it for a bit until around 17, that's when my hard-gaming ended. Not completely, but I couldn't play that much as I used to.

I still enjoy playing some competitive games with friends, especially the strategy ones. But mostly I just surf around the internet now. I guess I'm addicted to it now..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The most stupid accident of my life...

So here's a short story that I will probably never forget.

So basically I was with my friends at a friend's house because his parents were out of country. We were watching basketball the #1 Most popular Sport here that everyone's crazy about except me. So I drank a little too much of beer,rum and some wine. .
Then we decided to meet some guys who were volunteering where the game was played. We met them at some parking lot, and hanged out.

My "race-car"
It didn't take me long to slip on some piss and fall down, I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and just as I was coming back I saw a shopping cart carelessly left at the middle of the lot. Suddenly a burst of childhood memories flashed through my mind and I remembered how cool it used to be to run with your shopping cart, jump on it and ride it. So I ran to it, pushed of the ground and rode it like the wind until suddenly it flipped upside down and i landed on my foot. Short after I was jumping on one foot around the hospital, waiting for X-ray results, which weren't so good.I broke my ankle and spent ~6 weeks with a plaster.

Now it's a good laughing material with friends, no regrets.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Me and friends

So my close friends are really important in my life. Most of them are from my high-school and we've really bonded over the last years of it. Basically the most fun experiences in my life came spontaneous when being with them and no plan what we're gonna do next. Here's one story..

So we finished the school and passed the maturity exam,so what now? A send-off party. We traveled over a 100 miles to a friend's cabin by the lake, of course the cabin was taken so we set up tents. And just as we arrived we had drinks, I had beer and whiskey.

This time we decided to make a beer bong , we heard it would get us more drunk, so since we're poor bums we thought it would save us money. We would ask some one to 'hit us' then proceed to get down on one knee and start chugging as someone pours the beer (beer is strong here).  Long story short I've got too drunk passed out, can't remember much of the first day it wasn't too fun so it doesn't matter.

Next day I wake up in a car, my bones were hurting as hell and I felt as if I was sobering up and that was not acceptable! So I woke my friend and told him to hit me. The slight headache immediately passed so I took some beers and went fishing. After a little my friend joined, I couldn't catch a single one and he was pulling fishes every 5 minutes. So I decided to catch something else.

The retard
Before that day I saw some crayfish in the lake, I used to go catching crayfish with my dad when I was younger (I don't know is it hunting or fishing, basically what you do is put bait, wait for them to come and just pick them up). So I found some frogs, peeled their skin, dropped them in the water and waited for crayfish (little did I know they hang out more at night) so I got some small ones but that was not enough. Since there were so many frogs I caught a bunch of those and cooked them on the fire 'If the french can do it, why can't I?' I thought. So me and some friends ate some weird stuff, another friend to whom I promised to leave some got really mad so naturally out of guilt I went looking for crayfish again. Found one which I called 'The retard' and was done with it.

So we hanged around and the time flew fast. It was already dark and we were sitting near a bonfire, talking smack and laughing our butts off. After a while we went on a boat and rowed to the middle of the lake. While we were drifting a friend's head was dragging under the water, we assumed he's fine and ignored him, instead we shouted, screamed and laughed a lot to make sure that if there was anyone else near the lake they couldn't get any sleep. That's all I remember.

Moral of the story - even if you don't remember the details, the fact that you remember how fun it was is enough.

Friday, January 13, 2012

So it begins..

I'm a silent guy who often lurks the web. Having too much spare time I decided to blast a blog of my own.

Here I will post stuff that is only interesting to me, but you can read some too, just not too much. In between the bear fights at my apartment (family tradition) I'll post whatever is on my mind at the moment. That stuff might be geeky and too difficult to understand for some of you sometimes (I'm studying mathematics and I am a nerd at heart) or impossible to understand (perhaps I decide to blog while I'm not supposed to).

A little about me..

I am a Lithuanian.Lithuania could be described as the green plains in the north-east of Europe, one of the three Baltic countries and it shares borders with Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the Kaliningrad region (Part of Russia). Lithuania has some awesome castles, most of them were destroyed but some are still standing and are extremely magnificent. 

As I mentioned before I'm in the first year of university, studying math. I've always been good with numbers and math was quite easy for me. I consider my self smarter than average and I am always spending lots of time at the computer... My social life is still great, I love going out, having a drink and spending quality time with my friends so I consider myself happy. I don't think too much about the future ( I mean it's 2012, people say there will be no future after this year, right?) and I try to enjoy every day of my life.. I really don't want to get old and regret for the things I haven't done, I want to make my own mistakes and learn from them!

So that's all for now, you can get back to whatever you were doing.