Sunday, March 18, 2012

Indecision to future studies

Economics? Informatics? Math?

As I've mentioned previously I'm in my first course studying Mathematics. I'll be able to choose if I'd like to get double bachelor studies, math + economics or math + informatics. My studies would then be based around these two things and I'd get a good knowledge on both. If I choose to carry on with pure math, I could later on choose some additional classes from various math,economics,IT subjects.

I'm more leaning towards pure math since I'd like to be more flexible with choosing classes, where getting a double bachelor would leave me with little freedom. On the other hand, if I get a diploma with a double bachelor my career opportunities might be better in the business area and that's good since I'm not that fond of the idea to bind myself with areas of science.

Who needs Mathematicians?

Some of you might have little clue of the possible work areas for good mathematicians.The career opportunities for them involves in being systems analysts, modeling and data analysis experts, market researchers, programming analysts, actuaries (insurance mathematicians) in  banks, insurance companies, universities, manufacturing, logistics, trading and other businesses.

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