Sunday, April 1, 2012

Business systems, Data analysis?

Math... again

I haven't posted in a while because I was quite busy this week. Still this won't stop me from blogging. Last time I talked about my studies and how I'll need to choose in which path I want to go. Recently I had a lecture in which the Dean explained what we should expect if we chose one thing or another. So basically we can chose whether we'd like to get a double bachelor degree or not.

Double Bachelor

If we go for the double bachelor we will then have to attend the regulated modules of Mathematics which would amount to half of our studies and the other half would consist of the other subject. For example if I decide to go for Math+Economics. I'd still go to math classes with others from my faculty and the rest of classes I'd attend with those studying economics. If I really wanted economics I would have chosen to study that. The only bonus is that I might be better than other economists because of my analytical approach to it. Anyway I've almost completely decided to refuse a double bachelor.


If I opt to go for the main studies in mathematics, I could chose between two specialties or none. One would be "Mathematical modeling of business systems" and the other "Mathematical methods of data analysis". With the first one I'd get modules such as "Insurance", "Investment Mathematics", "Gambling theory" and "Risk theory of business systems". The second one would provide "Discrete transformations", "Cryptology", "Mathematical methods for digital image processing". I could also chose between both and get no specialty, if I wanted to go for more pure, theoretical math knowledge but I'm leaning more towards modeling of business systems.

Edit: I've updated the post with links to more specific descriptions of each specialty. Double bachelor is out of the question now.


  1. "Mathematical modeling of business systems" sounds worse in terms of the degree name (I thought the other choice sounded better and that's how I replied on reddit) however I personally think that it has more interesting units than the later - what do you want to do after your Bachelors - and more importantly who do you want to be.

    1. Yup, the units do sound better for me too. I'm quite interested in the mathematics behind gambling, risk in business, investments, etc since I've had to deal with it quite a bit. I'm unfamiliar with the mathematics of the data systems or whatever it's called and I haven't encountered much of it in my life.