Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gaming, my life story.

Since my childhood I've enjoyed video games. I had a sega mega 2 and I remember how I could just play it all day long but my parents weren't so supportive, they tried to limit my gaming addiction but it was just too strong.

After a while I got a PC and oldest game that I best remember is Gothic. My bro said it's a fun game where you have to kill dinosaurs. Actually it was a really good RPG but at start there were some dinosaur-like creatures. So since me and my brother were not that much familiar with all sorts of games, we called it dinosaur hunting. So I played gothic 1 & 2, without ending neither of those (didn't want to use any cheats) and then I discovered the internet.

I've started going to the interenet cafe very often, spending all my money on it. At around 12 I found runescape 2 and just went with it. After some time we've installed internet at our home and the no-lifing began. Spending nights at the pc, doing quests and stuff, it all seemed so fulfilling. My mom used to go crazy, taking away pc cables and hiding it but often I would find it and nothing could stop me.

Then I discovered Lineage 2, it was quite popular in our country. It required long amount of time to level up but hey I didn't care. I've played it for 3-4 years, no-lifer is what my friends used to call me. Well later I've discovered alcohol and I had less time for games, it was quite fun drinking with friends just for the sake of getting drunk. But I would still play mmorpgs.

World of Warcraft seemed boring to me and I was loyal to L2, but a little later I tried WoW again and ofc i got hooked up again. Played it for a bit until around 17, that's when my hard-gaming ended. Not completely, but I couldn't play that much as I used to.

I still enjoy playing some competitive games with friends, especially the strategy ones. But mostly I just surf around the internet now. I guess I'm addicted to it now..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The most stupid accident of my life...

So here's a short story that I will probably never forget.

So basically I was with my friends at a friend's house because his parents were out of country. We were watching basketball the #1 Most popular Sport here that everyone's crazy about except me. So I drank a little too much of beer,rum and some wine. .
Then we decided to meet some guys who were volunteering where the game was played. We met them at some parking lot, and hanged out.

My "race-car"
It didn't take me long to slip on some piss and fall down, I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and just as I was coming back I saw a shopping cart carelessly left at the middle of the lot. Suddenly a burst of childhood memories flashed through my mind and I remembered how cool it used to be to run with your shopping cart, jump on it and ride it. So I ran to it, pushed of the ground and rode it like the wind until suddenly it flipped upside down and i landed on my foot. Short after I was jumping on one foot around the hospital, waiting for X-ray results, which weren't so good.I broke my ankle and spent ~6 weeks with a plaster.

Now it's a good laughing material with friends, no regrets.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Me and friends

So my close friends are really important in my life. Most of them are from my high-school and we've really bonded over the last years of it. Basically the most fun experiences in my life came spontaneous when being with them and no plan what we're gonna do next. Here's one story..

So we finished the school and passed the maturity exam,so what now? A send-off party. We traveled over a 100 miles to a friend's cabin by the lake, of course the cabin was taken so we set up tents. And just as we arrived we had drinks, I had beer and whiskey.

This time we decided to make a beer bong , we heard it would get us more drunk, so since we're poor bums we thought it would save us money. We would ask some one to 'hit us' then proceed to get down on one knee and start chugging as someone pours the beer (beer is strong here).  Long story short I've got too drunk passed out, can't remember much of the first day it wasn't too fun so it doesn't matter.

Next day I wake up in a car, my bones were hurting as hell and I felt as if I was sobering up and that was not acceptable! So I woke my friend and told him to hit me. The slight headache immediately passed so I took some beers and went fishing. After a little my friend joined, I couldn't catch a single one and he was pulling fishes every 5 minutes. So I decided to catch something else.

The retard
Before that day I saw some crayfish in the lake, I used to go catching crayfish with my dad when I was younger (I don't know is it hunting or fishing, basically what you do is put bait, wait for them to come and just pick them up). So I found some frogs, peeled their skin, dropped them in the water and waited for crayfish (little did I know they hang out more at night) so I got some small ones but that was not enough. Since there were so many frogs I caught a bunch of those and cooked them on the fire 'If the french can do it, why can't I?' I thought. So me and some friends ate some weird stuff, another friend to whom I promised to leave some got really mad so naturally out of guilt I went looking for crayfish again. Found one which I called 'The retard' and was done with it.

So we hanged around and the time flew fast. It was already dark and we were sitting near a bonfire, talking smack and laughing our butts off. After a while we went on a boat and rowed to the middle of the lake. While we were drifting a friend's head was dragging under the water, we assumed he's fine and ignored him, instead we shouted, screamed and laughed a lot to make sure that if there was anyone else near the lake they couldn't get any sleep. That's all I remember.

Moral of the story - even if you don't remember the details, the fact that you remember how fun it was is enough.

Friday, January 13, 2012

So it begins..

I'm a silent guy who often lurks the web. Having too much spare time I decided to blast a blog of my own.

Here I will post stuff that is only interesting to me, but you can read some too, just not too much. In between the bear fights at my apartment (family tradition) I'll post whatever is on my mind at the moment. That stuff might be geeky and too difficult to understand for some of you sometimes (I'm studying mathematics and I am a nerd at heart) or impossible to understand (perhaps I decide to blog while I'm not supposed to).

A little about me..

I am a Lithuanian.Lithuania could be described as the green plains in the north-east of Europe, one of the three Baltic countries and it shares borders with Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the Kaliningrad region (Part of Russia). Lithuania has some awesome castles, most of them were destroyed but some are still standing and are extremely magnificent. 

As I mentioned before I'm in the first year of university, studying math. I've always been good with numbers and math was quite easy for me. I consider my self smarter than average and I am always spending lots of time at the computer... My social life is still great, I love going out, having a drink and spending quality time with my friends so I consider myself happy. I don't think too much about the future ( I mean it's 2012, people say there will be no future after this year, right?) and I try to enjoy every day of my life.. I really don't want to get old and regret for the things I haven't done, I want to make my own mistakes and learn from them!

So that's all for now, you can get back to whatever you were doing.