Friday, January 13, 2012

So it begins..

I'm a silent guy who often lurks the web. Having too much spare time I decided to blast a blog of my own.

Here I will post stuff that is only interesting to me, but you can read some too, just not too much. In between the bear fights at my apartment (family tradition) I'll post whatever is on my mind at the moment. That stuff might be geeky and too difficult to understand for some of you sometimes (I'm studying mathematics and I am a nerd at heart) or impossible to understand (perhaps I decide to blog while I'm not supposed to).

A little about me..

I am a Lithuanian.Lithuania could be described as the green plains in the north-east of Europe, one of the three Baltic countries and it shares borders with Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the Kaliningrad region (Part of Russia). Lithuania has some awesome castles, most of them were destroyed but some are still standing and are extremely magnificent. 

As I mentioned before I'm in the first year of university, studying math. I've always been good with numbers and math was quite easy for me. I consider my self smarter than average and I am always spending lots of time at the computer... My social life is still great, I love going out, having a drink and spending quality time with my friends so I consider myself happy. I don't think too much about the future ( I mean it's 2012, people say there will be no future after this year, right?) and I try to enjoy every day of my life.. I really don't want to get old and regret for the things I haven't done, I want to make my own mistakes and learn from them!

So that's all for now, you can get back to whatever you were doing.

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