Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The most stupid accident of my life...

So here's a short story that I will probably never forget.

So basically I was with my friends at a friend's house because his parents were out of country. We were watching basketball the #1 Most popular Sport here that everyone's crazy about except me. So I drank a little too much of beer,rum and some wine. .
Then we decided to meet some guys who were volunteering where the game was played. We met them at some parking lot, and hanged out.

My "race-car"
It didn't take me long to slip on some piss and fall down, I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and just as I was coming back I saw a shopping cart carelessly left at the middle of the lot. Suddenly a burst of childhood memories flashed through my mind and I remembered how cool it used to be to run with your shopping cart, jump on it and ride it. So I ran to it, pushed of the ground and rode it like the wind until suddenly it flipped upside down and i landed on my foot. Short after I was jumping on one foot around the hospital, waiting for X-ray results, which weren't so good.I broke my ankle and spent ~6 weeks with a plaster.

Now it's a good laughing material with friends, no regrets.

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