Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gaming, my life story.

Since my childhood I've enjoyed video games. I had a sega mega 2 and I remember how I could just play it all day long but my parents weren't so supportive, they tried to limit my gaming addiction but it was just too strong.

After a while I got a PC and oldest game that I best remember is Gothic. My bro said it's a fun game where you have to kill dinosaurs. Actually it was a really good RPG but at start there were some dinosaur-like creatures. So since me and my brother were not that much familiar with all sorts of games, we called it dinosaur hunting. So I played gothic 1 & 2, without ending neither of those (didn't want to use any cheats) and then I discovered the internet.

I've started going to the interenet cafe very often, spending all my money on it. At around 12 I found runescape 2 and just went with it. After some time we've installed internet at our home and the no-lifing began. Spending nights at the pc, doing quests and stuff, it all seemed so fulfilling. My mom used to go crazy, taking away pc cables and hiding it but often I would find it and nothing could stop me.

Then I discovered Lineage 2, it was quite popular in our country. It required long amount of time to level up but hey I didn't care. I've played it for 3-4 years, no-lifer is what my friends used to call me. Well later I've discovered alcohol and I had less time for games, it was quite fun drinking with friends just for the sake of getting drunk. But I would still play mmorpgs.

World of Warcraft seemed boring to me and I was loyal to L2, but a little later I tried WoW again and ofc i got hooked up again. Played it for a bit until around 17, that's when my hard-gaming ended. Not completely, but I couldn't play that much as I used to.

I still enjoy playing some competitive games with friends, especially the strategy ones. But mostly I just surf around the internet now. I guess I'm addicted to it now..

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  1. Gothic is such an awesome game, I've played every part already and I can't wait for the next one. Thing that makes me happy is that the next part is going to be created by the same brand first that created first and second part of the game.