Friday, February 10, 2012

TV shows

Today I'll talk about TV shows.  They're fun and highly addictive. Over the last years I've became very careful in choosing what to watch and don't like trying out new things because I'm afraid I'd get hooked on it and end up watching all 5 seasons in a week, the addictiveness is scary.. For example suppose you start watching a new show of which each episode is 40 minutes long, there's 6 seasons with 20 episodes per season. That sums up to 80 hours which is half month of work. So technically one show could cost half a month's pay. Still watching an episode a week is pretty harmless and a decent way to relax. At the moment I'm watching Dexter and impatiently waiting for the next season of Futurama. So more about these..

This animated science fiction show by the creators of 'Simpsons' has surpassed all other cartoons by its wonderful type of humor. The plot takes place in the future, the year 3000 and that gives the creators vast freedom to be creative. The story follows one young adult Philip J. Fry who got frozen in year 2000 for a thousand years and then gets a job at delivering company where his co-workers are all the main characters of the series. The viewer can relate to Fry because he's new to the future and often confused by it.


The plot of these series is unique and really interesting. It follows a serial-killer named Dexter who has no emotions and has the urge to kill people. His foster father knew about that and took care of him, he taught him that there are people that don't deserve to live so if Dexter had to kill it should only be other murderers. Dexter is smart and learned how to fake emotions and perfectly blend in the society. He works at the Miami police as the blood spatter analyst.

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