Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lithuanian cuisine - Kugelis

Kugelis also more formally named "Bulviu plokstainis" literally translates to flat potato dish. It's quite popular in my country since potatoes dominate our national dishes and this one is almost purely made out of it:)

It's not particularly healthy and it goes well with sour cream as topping. If you're more a meat-lover like me you won't refuse a topping of pork or bacon cracklings with fried onions (just like on the Cepelinai) . Sometimes this dish is baked with some kind of meat in it already, I'm not a huge fan of it but people seem to enjoy it. It's not that hard to prepare but the baking takes some time. Definitely less time and effort consuming than Cepelinai.

Basically what you need to is grate some potatoes and one onion, add some spices and perhaps some milk. Then put it in the oven. There's lots of recipes that differs from each other a little.

Again you can find some great recipes online, it's definitely worth a try:) You can also try this link for a fast one.


  1. One of my favorite dishes :)

  2. mmm i got hungry! will be following you from now on :)

  3. freakin awesome! look in the mirror, what do you see? kugelis!!! ;DDD

  4. looks pretty tasty :)