Wednesday, October 17, 2012

After a break

Hello everyone,

So I've just stopped blogging long time ago, I remember that exams got up to me and I just didn't have much time or interesting stuff to write about. I've had a fun summer, relaxed quite a bit and the second year of studying began.

Studies.That's one major thing in my life at the moment and I'm doing better I guess. I still can't make myself productive enough, that's what bothers me the most I guess. But on the bright side, studies don't seem to be that hard this term. My goal is to rock the grades out of it and get a scholarship, it's quite hard but I know I've got the potential to do so I just need to stop being a lazy ass.

So studies, they've gotten far more interesting and perhaps will deserve more space in this blog.

That's it for now, wait for a post on an interesting subject soon :)

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